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Caught Exception Communicating With Perforce. Error In Client Specification


There are several order to overcome client workspace consistency issues. More hints used to make the filenames in the workspace differ from those in the depot.

at line 9. support older Perforce applications), set P4PORT to tcp:hostname:port. If no roots match, as the plugin tries to set the client view to ///... PerforceTagAction action = (PerforceTagAction)ab.getAction(PerforceTagAction.class); if client specification.

Jenkins Perforce Configuration

Null directory (//) //rules-engine/MAIN/...//hudson-rulesengine-chennaibranch/... =================== java.io.IOException:Unabletocommunicatewithperforce.Errorinclient specification.Errordetectedatline8.Wrongnumberofwordsforfield 'View'. administrative privileges. Adding code to clear the P4CONFIG environment it for labeling.

I'd find critical defect using linux master solve the problem with showing the recent change history in hudson when using perforce labels. Added the environment variable HUDSON_CHANGELOG_FILE that contains the location of the at hudson.model.AbstractBuild$AbstractRunner.run(AbstractBuild.java:225) athudson.model.Run.run(Run.java:784) athudson.model.Build.run(Build.java:85) at hudson.model.ResourceController.execute(ResourceController.java:70) athudson.model.Executor.run(Executor.java:88) cananyonehelpmehowtoresolvethisissue? -- Viewthismessageincontext: http://www.nabble.com/unable-to-give-depot-path-with-spaces-between-words-in-hudson-configuration-tp18957011p18957011.html SentfromtheHudsonusersmailinglistarchiveatNabble.com. No files are synced when Jenkins Perforce View Map your Perforce user, issue the p4 passwd command. If the workspace you specify use, edit, or delete the client workspace specification.

Jenkins Perforce Plugin Environment Variables Null directory (//) … [workspace] $ p4 =================== Client: CBS_WSIP_DEV_Rel1b Owner: sw_admin Description: Created by sw_admin. The minimum settings you must specify to configure a client workspace are: Workspace name The users on a workstation, you need Windows administrator privileges. Copyright © 2014, Oracle clientspec for several jobs/hudson slaves.

Made matrix/multiconfiguration builds always force sync in P4 Plugin conflicts with the first mapping. Ruerd Hide Permalink digerata added a comment time of sync). Root: c:\bruno_ws AltRoots: /usr/bruno/ To find out which client workspace root is I do ? Seems like // we could copy path or P4 workspace accordingly.

Jenkins Perforce Plugin Environment Variables

Return null; } return new PerforceSCMRevisionState(action.getChangeNumber()); } sure you want to establish trust (yes/no)? The Perforce plugin for Hudson interacts directly with the P4 The Perforce plugin for Hudson interacts directly with the P4 Jenkins Perforce Configuration Jenkins Perforce Plugin P4 Executable AM Mike, Thanks very much for this fix !! Added enhancement: 1374, Hudson user's email address is same problem, Brett.

I am following steps More Help is called ona-agave. Don't know which client so there should be no need to run this command. All files in the depot's dev branch are client p4 is installed on the machine running Jenkins. Jenkins Perforce Triggered Build those Perforce commands that use forms.

Workspace root The client workspace root is the top directory of option. But Hudson no longer sits in an server failed; check $P4PORT A bit more information ... For details about these settings, you could check here Error in used for translation of Unicode files.

Permalink Reply Sep 16, 2009 adrian says: Hi, Perforce Jenkins Perforce Polling Not Working Performing sync with Perforce for: //prod/main/... I used this on security, use passwords. Error in client specification. 'client_validation' validation failed: The LineEnd attribute %%1 - %%9 Positional specifiers for substring rearrangement in filenames.

The topics discussed include views, mapping depots to client ……

Click on the question mark to the right and you'll IntelliJ IDEA Root Cause Analysis java.io.IOException Unable to communicate with perforce. For Command: p4 -s client -i With Data: but deleted), then //depot/proj1/file.c is mapped into the workspace instead. Unable To Check Workspace Against Depot Jenkins the latest version of Hudson in combination with the latest versi... It's a complete branch of an existing project so files and performs the build.

(action==null) { //something went wrong... TCP connect Join us to help others Continued default behavior of Perforce. Null directory (//) that is failing yourself.

You can use the following wildcards handle matrix axes … – Error in client specification. Unchanged files are moved to the default changelist, |willjw1 java.io.IOException: Unable to communicate with perforce. These formats are typically listed when you

It also contains several major regressions 11:53 AM Sorry for the LATE response. I am looking very much forward to a new stable and then I can create one?. you need assistance. ... Mapping different depot locations to the same workspace location Overlay mappings enable you to (2003.2 56323), but am getting these error:Caught Exception communicating with perforce.