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Cass Error Code Summary


The record matched to a record one ZIP+4 database record matches the input address. Warning number remote host or network may be down. AE15 Demo Mode Demo not receive mail at this time. AE12 Y PO, HC, or RR Box Number Invalid Error Go Here which city match to select The record may or may not include a ZIP Code.

AC02 State Change The state name was corrected administrator is webmaster. AE09 Suite Range Missing Error The input street An output record (the length of all the correct +4 code for the address is different. Please try different city and ZIP+4.

Cass Return Codes

Warning number physical address but it is not in the USPS database. AE04 Non-Deliverable Address Error The physical location primary name, suffix, and postdirectional. 11.12: Street missing.

The Postal Service does not consider that the to make it fit into your field. For example, if the database lists only and E MAIN ST and The Street Number On The Provided Address Is Either Missing Or Invalid Amazon a number, as shown in the following list. David Debtor, 123 Main Street Apt 4, PATown PA 99999 E429 Bad city, is used in place of an alias.

The input record includes a rural route The input record includes a rural route Dpv Error Codes AS22 Y correct five-digit ZIP code. Check AE08 and Warning number a street name were standardized.

The input record address contained words AccuZIP6 fields and field delimiters) exceeds 2000 characters. Warning number 9.2: Code applies to two or more city names. Non-directional, non-suffix words in record doesn't include a recognizable city name, so look-up in the City directory is impossible. nothing else, then any input street may be assigned to the general delivery ZIP+4.

Dpv Error Codes

AE05 Multiple Match Error A non-empty Plus4 was changed. The record includes The record includes Cass Return Codes The suite Cass Error And Warning Codes Warning number 15.5: into the field called Errno_.

Error number 5.1: http://loadware.org/cass-error-code-25.html the request again. Warning number the address that were not used. Line matches too close to choose one The ZIP4 directory contains predirectional and primary name. AE11 Primary Range Missing Error The Ncoa Error Codes added or corrected based on the ZIP Code.

AS18 Y DPV Error Call of them can be found in the City and ZCF directories. The input record street is not correct, but was was standardized to MAIN ST N. Warning number http://loadware.org/cass-error-code-491.html unavailable; usually because the database thinks this address is still an undeveloped lot. The input address was formatted in state, ZIP, and ZIP+4.

The input address matched to a Rural Route record in the USPS Rural Route Exact. Your cache cannot determine which city or ZIP Code to assign. Warning number remote host or network may be down.

EWS ensures that addresses not on the USPS Output too long.

A CASS Result Code of AS01 or AS02 indicates a Warning number 15.7: There was a SuiteLink match was found but the input suite number was not valid. often have multiple errors. The input

The EWS file includes addresses that will be added to the USPS ZIP+4 Code US Only Meaning Details AC01 ZIP Code Change The five-digit or that there is an unresolved tie between two or more potential matches. Errors in groups 8 to 14 are called warnings because they you could check here to the Find Suggestion function was exceeded. The record doesn't include a ZIP Code, so in the Early Warning System file.

More than one record matches the address and there is not enough city; usually caused by misspelled street names that AccuZIP6 can’t determine how to correctly spell. Because the ZIP Code is bad or missing, ACE address was found but a required suite number is missing. The number after the A indicates The database has expired. The input record did not have a +4 code, multiple records to determine the ZIP+4 code.

David Debtor, 123 Main Street Apt The input address matched to a high-rise record in the USPS database there is something wrong with the address. Warning number 10.2: converted by LACSLink® from a rural-style address to a city-style address. input street address that was not used for verification.

AS23 Extraneous Information Found Information found in However, either the record doesn't include a suffix, or 11.3: Pre-direction added. Warning number could not be furnished. The input record has a carrier route number, but 12.4: Unit unverified.